“In the best traditions of the industry, our workshop focuses on Amulet and coastal themes, ethnic themes and historical replicas, zoomorphic themes, various attributes, films, games, books,classic jewelry and medal art and offers its customers excellent quality and highly artistic performance.

Amulets and Jewelry, products of National art Craft,
Based on the Cultural and Historical Heritage, Indo-European and Finno-Ugric peoples, as well as symbolism, zoomorphism and historical and coastal themes for all nationalities and civilizations of the world.”

Our workshop Epos has existed for more than 9 years: We have been engaged in mining and processing, cutting gems, searching for mineral deposits, making jewelry of any complexity, conducting high-quality gemological examination, carrying out jewelry expertise. In our products we work with different materials: leather. bone tree, stone.
Also. we have our own collection of minerals, which is constantly updated.
We are open to your suggestions and friendship)

https://www.facebook.com/Jeweller74, http://finagel.ru,?https://vk.com/epos74.